I promise to pay more attention to Beth Kanter

In the new year blog post I’ve written in my head (but not here – it needs to follow a review of the year and that too is still in my head) one of the things that occurred to me was that I need to pay more attention to Beth Kanter.

I treat Beth’s brilliance as the background to my online life, knowing that I needn’t do a million and one things ‘cos Beth will have already done them and reported on them, just for me.  Here’s one for example – how to list the bits of your blog that you lot have found most engaging using something called Postrank (which counts much more than most clicks).  Here are mine for the last 12 months, interesting year!

Why doesn’t government have reservists?

Bridging the digital divide is about strengthening human networks not internet access.

BAD08 Birmingham Social Media Surgery: provisional results

Blog Action Day in Birmingham – a social media surgery for voluntary orgs.

What is a Birmingham Blogger doing at the Tory Party Conference?

Birmingham Bloggers met.

Marc Reeves, The Birmingham Post and Five fine questions on blogging.

Quality newspaper video from the Birmingham Mail:

Was the Big Picture about the artist or the community?

The fab moment Lucy Moore realised her Grandfather’s picture was The Big Picture Winner 2008

Downing Tweet: is this about the personal, celebrity or patronage?

The Charity Commission Responds to Education and Blogging

Hands up whose blog helps them learn? The Charity Commission thinks you’re wrong

Is Tom Watson MP stealing or reading? The Tories think the former

Why should leaders blog?

The flow chart of faff

Has Birmingham’s Artsfest gone anti-social on Twitter?

Twitter and the Birmingham (ish) Earthquake.

and then here’s some more, but from Beth:

How Much Time Does It Take To Do Social Media? 

Social Change Behind the Firewall

Transparency and Social Media: Dealing with Criticism

Blogging Behind the Nonprofit Firewall: ROI Approach

How To Share the Social Media Workload in Your Organization

I would put Beth high on Business Week’s new wanted list of online guru’s.  If you’re not subscribed to Beth’s blog give yourself a new year treat, and do so.

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  1. Beth Kanter says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words here. I learned so much from you about how to conduct and edit videos – just over drinks. Your work has been fantastic.

    Hope this is a good year for you ..

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