The fab moment Lucy Moore realised her Grandfather’s picture was The Big Picture Winner 2008


I love this video – keep watching until the end. It shows just how much emotion was invested in The Big Picture – the West Midland’s Guinness World Record breaking photographic art event. One of eight photographs had been chosen as the picture to be used for the World’s Biggest photo Mosaic which was unveiled this lunchtime at Millennium Point in Birmingham. The digital Mosaic can be found here on the site and is worth a zoom in! Some of my pictures are in there – yours might be too – and we’re all joint world record holders!

One thing that made me realise that it had introduced new people to the regional arts world was a simple comment at the unveiling. “Who are all these people, I’ve not seen most of them before” very a very experienced regional arts bod. That is the whole point, to get beyond the usual.
So what of the winning photo Lucy Moore submitted:

Big Picture Winner 2008

As the blurb on flickr says:

Seventeen year old, Tipton born Lucy Moore sent in this picture of her Grandfather, who holds a very special place in her family’s heart after dying in 1987. The family believes the picture was taken around 1926, when her Grandfather, the late Arthur James Bunce was seventeen and an amateur boxer. So powerful is the image, that Lucy’s brother has had it tattooed across his back as a lasting tribute to Arthur.

Congratulations to everyone who took part, including Arts Council West Midlands, Audiences Central, BBC West Midlands and artist Helen Marshall, Then there are others who worked on it: Jon Bounds, Stef, Mark, Chris, Kerry, Lucy, Kate… Plus of course those who also added pictures, like Paul and Elizabeth, Steve, Hanuman, Pete, Pete MCJ, Rebecca, Richard, Paul, Lee…and hundreds/thousands of others.


  1. Katie says:

    Thanks for posting this, Nick. I was there for the unveiling so had heard Lucy talking about what the photo means to her – but this video really brought a tear to my eye! Heartwarming stuff. Love it!

  2. Nick Booth says:

    Thank you. It is wonderful seeing that at first she’s not sure – then suddenly it dawns on her. I love how much it means to her and her whole family. Sorry we didn’t get to say hello!

  3. Ruth Ward and I worked on the PR for the Big Picture… this is such a fantastic video Nick! Thank you for putting it up so quickly! It really just sums up so much what the Big Picture is really about… the most moving and touching stories behind thousands of photos sent in by West Midlanders now immortalised forever for Lucy and her family, you capture the raw emotion of how much this image means to them perfectly… It’s been an absolute pleasure working on this project and I feel very proud to have been part of it!

  4. lucy says:

    that you sooo much for this i cant beleive it! i was saying ‘it wont be ours, no its not i just saw it its not’ and it was like oh it is no its not then its oh my god it is!!! means the absolute world to me honestly everyone thank you so much you made my year!!!

    thanks again!
    if anyone has any pictures from the day of anything at all i would be so greatful if you could email them me?

    Thanks again!

  5. Trav28 says:

    Thanks for the link! Lucy’s words were really touching and The Big Picture was a great success, something I am proud to be part of having contributed a few snaps 🙂

  6. karen says:

    great to see the clip of the moment lucy my niece found out that pic had won ,certainly something to talk to my grandkids about .this pic of my dad hangs in all our homes to have it displayed for the whole of britain to see is amazing thanks for capturing that moment in time our dad is always in our hearts now he’s in the heart of all brum.

  7. Stef says:

    Nick. Great work. I couldn’t be there today (I was doing some photography!) but this is the next best thing. Thanks and congratulations to everyone who’s a joint-world-record-holder!

  8. Sam says:

    WHEYYYY!!! When my mom told me that Luce had won I think my exact words were “Sure mom yea…” THEN I saw the news!! I was amazed! I wish I was there an not workin hehe I’d have been blubbering along with her! But WOW! It’s incredible to think that so many people have contributed to a photo of my great grandad!!! I am just so glad she entered it and hope people can appreciate the photo as much as our family do now 😀

  9. Lydia S says:

    Hello. Does anyone know where the massive photomosaic is now? I saw it at Thinktank and it was amazing and I’m trying to track it down now. Any ideas? Thanks

  10. lucy says:

    hiya i was told on the day that on the 25th of august they were breaking up the peices and they would go to the differnt art gallerys in the midlands. like walsal and wolverhampton,but im not sure if they are on show yet or anything, i was told i could have a board of the mosaic but they havnt contacted me about it yet so i might have to chase that up. 🙂
    hope this helps
    Thanks for commenting 🙂 x

    Lucy x

  11. Hi Lydia, Lucy, Nick.

    Yes, as Lucy has rightly mentioned, there are plans to disseminate various pieces of the mosaic amongst art galleries and other venues that were involved in the Big Picture Arts Project. We’re also planning on taking some of the other panels into schools, adult learning centres and colleges across the West Midlands. We will also be holding some photography workshops to continue the legacy of great work that this project has done in engaging people with the arts.

    The whole ethos of the project is public participation – so we’d love to hear any suggestions from people! It would be great to continue working with the public on this project; answers on a postcard, please! ….

    … and of course if you have an interest in obtaining a piece of record-breaking local history I’m sure we might be able to arrange something. Email your full contact details to and we will try and accommodate your requests!

    Finally – You will soon be able to find out more about our future plans by visiting under the forthcoming ‘what’s next?’ section.

    (Cue debate: What can you do with an enormous 860 m2 World Record-Breaking photo-mosaic?…)


    (Audiences Central)

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