Quality newspaper video from the Birmingham Mail:


Why do I like this?

Static shots well framed with thought for the lighting. Simple story, well told by one voice, someone we can relate to. No poor voice over from someone who didn’t get into the BBC because they couldn’t broadcast and equally no tacky script riddled with newspaper cliches, the sort of things no one would ever say.  Timeless. Finally it gives the pictures a little room to breathe.

So, Birmingham Mail, very well done.

Update:  from a comment below (source verified) this wasn’t made by the Birmingham Mail, but provided for them by MG.  The Mail has put it up on their youtube channel without telling us that this is provided by a pr company.  They haven’t even used the text beside the video to clarify things. Why would a newspaper be so careless about the boundary between what pr people do and what journalists do?

So, Birmingham Mail, very poor.


  1. PR Aware says:

    Ah, wouldn’t it be nice if The Birmingham Mail could take credit for this video… but they can’t and shouldn’t.

    It was actually created by MG’s PR firm and distributed to local media as part of a press pack promoting the start up of the production line at Longbridge. Very forward thinking and, as you say, the video is excellent.

    All that The Mail had to do was upload it. Shame they did not think to mention where they got it from.

  2. Nick Booth says:

    Thanks PRAware, so just as we never know who writes the words in a newspaper we also need to assume that we cannot know who has made the media. I’m thinking there’s a business in making unbranded yet rather shoddy quality vids for pr customers – just so they fit in with the ones currently being made by most newspapers.

    I wonder if the Birmingham mail’s or internet monitoring found this post and they just never quite got round to correcting my misapprehension.

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