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Birmingham Bloggers at thericeshow

Why did I enjoy last night’s bloggers’ meet (ask me about the apostrophe) more than any other?  It was partly because we did more than sit in a pub, partly because we did sit in pub and partly because new people came. However I think it was principally because the bloggers meetings are increasingly ripe with opportunity and optimism.

Jo Geary talked to the folk in the early part of the evening about Friday’s Birmingham Social Media Cafe, (time and venue here).  For those who are new to the idea it’s inspired by the the principles and ambitions of the Tuttle Club in London, established by Lloyd Davis as a place/occassion  where those professionally involved in social media can meet, share skills, knowledge, contacts, opportunities, invent and reinvent.  I’m going to break my tuttle duck a week on Friday.

So Birmingham will tuttle thanks to Jo’s organisation and some coffee sponsorship from the Birmingham Post editor Marc Reeves.  Why this excites me is who it brings to the city.  Andy Dickinson is heading down from Lancaster to share his knowledge of video, it will be my first chance to meet Christian Payne, Paul Henderson is coming from Rural Net, Dave Briggs and I’m told, I think,  Ewan McIntosh.  (correction Ewan Spence – Mr M is of course also handsomely welcome.) Obviously lots of other lovely people will be here too.

The evening also gave me a chance to catch up with  Stuart Parker who has written here the blog post I would have written Had I said anything on this site about government plans to spend £300 million of laptops and broadband for the poorest. (For some of my thoughts see here and here.)Steve Cooper came for the first time and thought we were pretty friendly but expressed soemthing I’ve heard a few times:

Bit difficult to really break into a group, still was my first time as an attendee but hopefully will get round to speak to more at the next one.

Steve also took some top photos of All the People in All The World, the Stan’s Cafe show which very kindly played host to us for our first hour or so. Jon Bounds and I provided them with, a simple aggregator site for online reactions to the who. They added the statistic in the image above whilst we were there.

Other people it was good to see coming along were Brian Simpson and Simon Howes plus David Louis who blogs to support his product design business and is very passionate about Jewellery Quarter heritage. There were two people that bounder tells me were from, if you read this please remind me of your names!   Other first timers who’s names or blogs I didn’t recall please let me know – praps leave a message.
I think the effort to do more than just go to a pub led to some who’d been reluctant to come, or come back showing more interest.  I didn’t see either Bobbie Gardner or Kate Chapman, but I was delighted that they had said they would try and make it.

Any more ideas for events where we might meet very welcome.  I know I haven’t mentioned everyone, so apologies and thanks all for such an enjoyable evening and my eternal gratitude to Jules for depositing me at my front door.

Update:  I’ve just found Ben’s blog, he who merged three meets into one. It was a pleasure to meet you.


  1. Chris says:

    Louis Hudson and Ian Ravenscroft of Dice Productions came down too.

    Agree it was a particularly good meet-up. I might even put down some thoughts of my own at some point.

  2. Steve Cooper says:

    I’ll try and get a few more images on the site. I didn’t capture too many people though, just the rice. Got a few shots in the dark in the basement. I posted them on the facebook page.

    Shameless plug —>

    Apologies for it’s slow upload, one day I’ll use a proper host instead of my home broadband.

    Anyway, glad I turned up. And nice to see/meet a number of the faces I’ve read about.

    Also really enjoyed the exhibition, I actually thought I’d missed it. I do fancy going along again with my tripod to get more images.

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