Fixmystreet for iphone.

picture of the e-well being award for fixmystreet

Bit slow on this – especially given that I saw the man behind it, Birmingham based clerverman Matthew Somerville, before Christmas. (Must listen more).

However if you have an iPhone, this application will help you make best use of the award winning¬† – the place to report problems in your neighbourhood. Even news blogger Jeff Jarvis wants it so much he’s (be)moaning that he can’t get one in the USA! Thanks to Greenerleith.


  1. Jon Bounds says:

    Love this app, I was attemping to explain it over a meal to a councillor I met in Holland over Xmas. Her English wasn’t great, but still a good deal better than my Dutch – the concept is so simple tho’, take photo of something the coincil need to deal with, press “send” and they do.

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