It takes 90 minutes a story and a network to change someones life:

Yesterday Beth Kanter tweeted this blog post asking for contributions to help a Cambodia orphan pay her fees and stay at University. She asked us the same question last year and within 24 hours Leng had the $1000 she needed for Leng to do a year. Within a few days enough had been raised to help two people with student fees. This time it took just 90 minutes for Beth’s global online network and the trust we have in her to send Leng back for her final year.

Everything accelerates online!

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  1. Beth Kanter says:

    You have to remember that there were 250 people in the room and I just spent 20 minutes telling them the stories of the Cambodian kids, etc. Then asked for money. Someone suggested passing the hat – collecting donations. This is a tradition in churches and communities … in addition to those folks who were in the room and used pay pal – plus the networked effect. What surprised me that the donations also came from donors to previous Leng campaigns. I’d estimate that I had 60% new donors and 40% repeaters. It’s hard to accurately track the

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