CarrotMob or Save the environment by drinking beer.

There are different ways to tackle climate change. In the last month I’ve written about the focussed and globally ambitious cquestrate. Now recent Birmingham Blogger Jonathan Melhuish (and also here) who’s relocated to London tells me you can also do it by drinking beer.

Carrot Mobs work by finding the local business which is willing to devote the largest portion of an half days takings to green upgrades. When a store commits to divert the dosh into making changes you organise to provide as many customers as possible in that afternoon

CarrotMob is a fun community action which rewards businesses that become more energy efficient. The concept is to take several businesses in a community and start a bidding war find the one prepared to invest the most in improving their energy efficiency. We then all flashmob the winning business at the agreed time and make our purchases there. The business then spends the agreed percentage of revenue it took during the CarrotMob on replacing appliances with more energy-efficient models. Everybody wins! 🙂


It sounds fun and makes a huge amount of sense for each business. Fan Page.

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