What can you create with £1? I'll give the winner an extra £10


Britain’s most eccentric newspaper Eccentric City has an energetic website and is driven in part by the creative energy of brummie Simon Walker – who told (link here) one of our most popular podcast stories.

Jules (elegantly standing in for Pete Ashton whilst he swans in Texas on our (Birmingham’s) behalf!) tells us that they are offering a unique opportunity:

Brum-based eccentric publishers The Eccentric City are giving away a whole pound every month to the person who can put it to the best use. What’s more, it’s totally free to enter and you could even see your idea in print. So get yer thinking caps on and you could be in the money! The deadline for this month’s proposals is 15th March.

Whoever gets chosen in the first month has my curiosity, admiration and anticipation – I’ll bung in an extra tenner (for use after the commission has been completed – I still want to find out what you can do with a quid. Perhaps that give me 1000% more art?)