Monday Mentions. March 10th 2008

Flocked Up

Just a few thinks I’d like to mention as a way of getting the week going, and what a week:

South by South West Midlands The most fun I’ve had online in a long time resides in the stream of stuff (both brilliant and facile) emerging from the Birmingham folk who are spending the week in texas at SXSW.

The Brummie Nadgers: for those with patience (ta bab)

Zuckerberg Flocked Up: By twitter

McParty: Celebrate brummie Darkness.

Doh: The Bullring drops a bullock

Investbx: Too late to buy a slab of the West Midlands

Howard Owens: Slick ain’t good enough for video.

Change Your Life With Computers: go on then thought leaders – it is time to be FlockedUp.

Rory at the Beeb: Steve this is what we really want from the iPhone – or else.

How to be silenced: Idealgovernment on the civil servants who’s secret (!) blog suddenly went quiet.

They did had Cheezeburgers:

Audiences Central: Want to break a record?

Birmingham Post Gets Praise: for twigging that bloggers are good!

Freaking Recession: It’s gone wrong (for some?).

Clay fete: Lets get journalism really rocking (more to follow on this).

Pardon?: Smalldots on how we tend to go just a bit too far.

$15 billion: Am I bothered?

Are bloggers journalists?: Only when they care about the facts and the truth.

Digital Trespass: Oh please – where was the damage?

Thought Leadership: Time to open the Kimono for excellency in privacy.

Live Mobile Phone Webstream: Not the only one, but imagine in two years time!