Birmingham Blogger Pete Ashton Invades the Stage At the Guardian Media Awards

Anyone watching the Guardian Media Awards on Twitter may have had the chance of a real giggle at Pete Ashton and Stef Lewandowski’s growing frustration with the whole event.

It boiled over when Pete realised that the blogging awards (which included one for Created in Birmingham jointly with and ) were not going to be recognised by giving the bloggers a chance to say something on stage. Dubber and I kept tabs with screen grabs from twitter whilst Jon Bounds quitely egged them on from afar.

If you want to watch exactly what he did you can find it here and here. An idea of what else they were saying can be found here and (brace yourself) here. Stef’s fsober summary of what went on (“Well Bloody Done Pete”) is here. Meanwhile the Guardian’s media monkey is dismissive here and Joanna Geary’s missive here. (She missed it despite being there! Free booze eh.)

All this kerfuffle Created in Birmingham.