Very neat video explaining programme to turn back the clock on climate change

Cquestrate from cquestrate on Vimeo.

The gents at Birmingham business Eight Eyed Sea Bass have produced this clear and clean animation explaining an open source project to dramatically reduce the amount of carbon damaging our climate.  I did a little bit of work help Tim Kruger from cquestrate in July and he has been building the site and community with support from Birmingham’s Chris Unitt, Antonio Gould and Maverick.  The video is worth your time and please consider lend a little help to cquestrate.  They need to find collaborators (for example legal or chemical brains) – so even a quick link will improve the chance of the right people finding them.


  1. Now i can see the vidéo.
    The study of your idéa is good, but that can be applied only if the climate change come drastic, because there is other idéa as the one as give before(séquestrate carbon by spread biochar for improved soil farm).

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