EDM 2141 – please write to your MP.

Update, Turns out Lynne Jones has already signed this – check here. Teach me not to check first!  Good news.

Spurred on by Simon – and nicking some of his text I have sent this to my MP – the very independent Lyne Jones.

I am writing to ask you to sign EDM 2141, tabled in July by Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson, in support of the Free Our Bills campaign by charity MySociety.

MySociety’s pioneering work is recognised worldwide. You will probably have seen their site, TheyWorkForYou, which makes Hansard infinitely more usable on the internet. They are seeking Parliament’s assistance to do something similar with bills, to allow the public to see the laws being drafted and published on their behalf.

Whilst recognising the motion has been tabled by a LibDem member, and that EDM signatures can sometimes be motivated by party affiliations, I would note that senior figures in your own party have spoken in favour of freeing public data. Not least Tom Watson, who’s work as Cabinet Office Minister is encouraging collaboration on new ways to get public value from public data. This is precisely what MySociety is proposing for Westminster.

MySociety’s track record shows that they can and will deliver. They are proposing changes which will take little time, cost little money, and have no material impact on current working practices.

I urge you to show your support for this important principle; and to take a few moments to sign the EDM in question.

I encourage you to do likewise. But only nick bits of this letter.


  1. Caroline Charlton says:

    Having written to Lynne Jones about a couple of other EDMs recently and had replies to say that she’d signed both of them, I wrote to thank her for signing EDM 2141. I’ll let you know what response I get.

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