Cquestrate: Can we crowdsource a carbon solution.

Cquestrate Intro Video from cquestrate on Vimeo.
Last week I met Tim Kruger. He’d asked me to do a little bit of work on a very bold plan that he hatched today.

is an organisation and a website which plans to crowdsource technical solutions to the huge problem of recapturing the CO2 pumped out since the industrial revolution began.

He’s working with some financial backing from Shell, but critically he has a legal agreement which means that all the ideas generated through cquestrate remain open source.

Why should Shell care? Well partly because he wants to use lime as a means of capturing CO2 by adding it to seawater. Producing huge quantities of lime could be a viable (money making) use for the energy wasted in oil/gas production.

For more information see the site. As cased puts it:

… well, the site explanation actually then continues onward by answering the very question about to drop from my smug yet woefully uneducated lips :

One of the questions I often get asked is: if this is so simple why hasn’t it been done before? The idea has been around for a number of years. It was first suggested by Haroon Kheshgi in 1995, but it was considered uneconomic as the process uses a large amount of energy. What we are interested in doing is using stranded energy to drive the process.

Aha- well, that explains it. Its all down to stranded energy.

Well, I think it sounds like a wonderful idea – a bit of open sourcey, crowdsourcey goodness… if only I knew more about stranded energy and limestone…. hm.

Thank goodness for scientists! Please forward on this post to people who know what stranded energy is!

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