New Blog and Podcast for Brum and some help please – central wifi venue

It’s odd that one thing I haven’t written about recently is the Birmingham Bloggers Group (possibly re-framing itself as the social media group/cafe). Perhaps because I have so much to say about it I don’t know where to start – breaking the cardinal rule of blogging – which is to just start, stoopid.

We met for the first time last month and meet again next Monday 18th Feb.  First question (for help) is we would like a central venue with free wifi – Digbeth or City Centre – for probably about 15 people (maybe more) from 7 in the evening.  Booze and non booze on tap. Does the Friends of the Earth Cafe have wifi?

Also want to mention a couple of new things since the last meeting.   Mark Steadman should be joining us next week. He’s just launched the New Media Junkie podcast – find it here for the moment – new site to come soon. Mark is using for hosting, a new one one me.  I host on my own space (a throw back to 2005 and misplaced ideas of being in control!) , but free hosting is plentiful and very usable.

Kevin Rapley has also created Digikev to write about social media.   Others new to me through the blogging group include Ben Neal,  The Boywonder bloggers,  and Paul Burns.

Well.  I’ve started.


  1. Pete Ashton says:

    I popped into the Weatherspoons on Hurst St (Dragon something) that used to be O’Neills. They do Wifi and would be happy for a bunch of nerds with laptops to meet there on Monday. Well, tolerating if not happy.

    I should post this to the Facebook group really…

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