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feet walker in brum courtesy Pete Ashton now covers Birmingham. Type in your start and finish places and it tells you the best route for walking. It reveals how far, expected time at different walking paces, how many calories you’ll burn depending on walk speed and even how much co2 you’ll save if you don’t drive. My place to Digbeth in 24 fast paced minutes. All it needs is to add return journey time at “drunk stagger” speed and the service will be complete. GREAT SITE.

In Barcelona, at the Mobile World Congress Nokia has unveiled sat-nav for strollers, with plans so sell 35million GPS phones this (y)ear. Maybe useful when you’re lost – but I’m not keen to wander down the street staring at my phone.

One thing Nokia is learning to do are those oh-so web 2.0 thangs – share and play according to Darren Waters on the BBC’s blog. Ovi is Nokias upgrade of what was once It looks to me more like a proprietary user generated content and attention capture site – that thing we used to call a portal. I may be wrong. Darren says Ovi will allow people to upload up to 100 different file types. So an easily opened portal then.

Nokia does offer single button blog and flickr updates from some phones (although no social features on the website promoting them), but I think I’m still more keen on the iPhone var uri = ‘’ + new String (Math.random()).substring (2, 11); document.write(‘‘); approach, which just offers you the web as you know it, and hence the freedom to use the web as you will, rather than Nokia will. Judging from the single comment on this entry it remains tied into specific apps.

However I have still to acquire a decent mobile phone and contract end is approaching, so anyone with experience of the N95 or iPhone for social media please let me know what you think.

Picture Pete, Hat Antonio.

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  1. Rob says:

    I’ve had an iPhone for about a month. I still giggle with delight every time I use it.

    Crap camera though. Not because of the picture quality, but because it’s very difficult to hold it with one hand.

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