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Pavement to Parliament – Marcia Lewinson of WAIT’s podcast.

Programme 9 on the Grassroots Channel tells the story of the Birmingham based group who use techniques developed in 1930’s Chicago to revitalise individuals, families and communities. We talk to Marcia Lewinson, the Chief Executive of Women Acting in Today’s Society, a South Birmingham based charity.  Waits was established in 1992 to: “support women to address issues such as welfare benefits, employment and education, domestic violence, isolation, health, crime and the fear of crime and many more.”

Women Acting in Today’s Society
Digital Birmingham
Saul Alinsky of Community Organising – Wikipedia

Update:  June 2009.  Waits now also keeps this useful Database of women’s groups in Birmingham:

The W.A.I.T.S. City-Wide Directory contains details of group meetings on various women’s issues throughout the Birmingham area. To use the directory simply select the group issue you are interested in along with the area.

A law of nature is that we fight things to get things – R4R Grassroost Channel Podcast

The Grassroots Channel exposes Birmingham to the scrutiny of outsiders. We talk to residents from two Dutch cities about what they make of our strengths and weaknesses.  Ellen Hiep and Willem Giezeman give us surprising answers, useful to all. Plus details on how Residents 4 Regeneration is telling stories to build a better future.

Residents 4 Regeneration in Europe (dead link)
BBC website on the Year of the Digital Citizen

You can not do it alone – Grassroots Channel Podcast

The remarkable story of a woman who changed her life after a short spell in prison. Justice Williams took that experience and turned it into Venta Millones, a social enterprise which strives to give young people an alternative to a future embroiled in the gun culture. Programme 6 of the Grassroots Channel is, as always, produced by podnosh and supported by the Birmingham Community Empowerment Network.

Home Office Fund which supports the work Justice does. (dead link)
Coreys US podcast for non profits (dead link)