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About Brum podcast features social media surgeries

Some of you may know that podnosh began as a podcasting business in 2005, with the Grassroots Channel – audio stories of active citizens in Birmingham.

At the last social media surgery Christopher Woods interviewed me for what has become the first episode in his freshly minted About Brum podcast.¬† You can listen below, and it’s worth it, because Christopher has a very appealing and relaxed style.

We don’t like to go in the parks – Grassroots Channel Podcast 13

Programme 13 from the Grassroots Channel comes not from Birmingham but from Dortmund in Germany. We’ve been demonstrating podcasting to a group of young people from cities across Europe.

Listen to Simone and Ethel as they try podcasting for the first time and talk to other young people about homelessness, junkies and fear in the streets. This programme is produced with the support of the Birmingham Community Empowerment Network and Residents 4 Regeneration in Europe. Thanks too to Chris and Nathan, both boys from the Four Dwellings High School in Birmingham.

Residents 4 Regeneration in Europe (dead link)
Dortmund Nordstadt Festival – German site (Google Translation) (dead link)
Photo’s of Dortmund Nordstadt (dead link)
Dortmund in Wikipedia

Generosity is a key ingredient – Grassroots Channel Podcast

Programme 10. Generosity – how can that revive a neighbourhood?

Love life live lent
Love life live lent

The Church of England in Birmingham thinks it may make a huge difference. In fact it seems Lent is a good time for us all learn something about generosity – including the church and its congregation. The weeks running up to Easter in the Christian Calendar have long been seen as a time of self denial. But the Anglican Church in the city is trying to turn that notion upside down and make lent the time of generosity. It has printed 60,000 books full of generous actions designed to strengthen communities and it wants people across the city to channel the discipline of self denial into a festival of giving.

The Director of the city’s Forum for Community Regeneration, Fred Rattley, tells us more about Love life, live lent.

The Church of England in Brum