About Brum podcast features social media surgeries

Some of you may know that podnosh began as a podcasting business in 2005, with the Grassroots Channel – audio stories of active citizens in Birmingham.

At the last social media surgery Christopher Woods interviewed me for what has become the first episode in his freshly minted About Brum podcast.  You can listen below, and it’s worth it, because Christopher has a very appealing and relaxed style.


  1. Very welcome news that you are moving into local neighbourhoods.The present HQ is beautiful but travel to and from is quite threatening on dark winter evening. I have not been able to get anyone else from our group to come along, but I am still hopeful that the brilliant introduction you gave to the group will grow.

    • Nick Booth says:

      They seem to be going reasonably well in the neighbourhoods and I’ve always thought it was natural next step. Of course we can’t manage it all on a voluntary basis, so if anyone want to run their own neighbourhood surgery please shout.

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