Spotlight on international social media surgeries

Social media surgery at COCAP Nepal

Photo by Mero Report: Social Media Surgery at COCAP, Nepal

Social media surgeries in the UK received lots of attention last Thursday when the Prime Minister recognised the social media surgery movement with a Big Society Award for 2012.

Nick posted about the award and mentioned the wonderful people who have organised surgeries over the last three years in the UK. They’re enthusiastic, generous people who make stuff happen.

While the Big Society Awards acknowledge individuals and organisations across the UK that demonstrate the Big Society in their work or activities, I thought I should mention the surgeries outside the UK. It’s great to see an idea that originated in Birmingham spread to other shores – and I’m keen to hear how the surgeries are working in other countries.

Here are the wonderful people who have taken the social media surgery model abroad and run their own events:

Carolyn Deuchar, a Senior Research Officer at New Zealand Tourism and Research Institute, also likes the idea:

"Am loving this: Social media surgeries to support local community & voluntary organisations"

Do you know other surgeries I haven’t mentioned here?

Updated 12th March 2012: Kultwerk West are holding a social media surgery in Hamburg on 14th May 2012, the first to take place in Germany.


  1. Lorna Prescott says:

    Thanks both, I am really inspired by this, and just love the photo above and the promotion for the Delhi surgery. As I’m currently reflecting on a National Community Activists Network event I attended on Thursday, it prompted this post: as I think social media surgeries have so much to offer in terms of face-to-face support – not just around social media, but in learning about other people and what they do in their communities and voluntary groups.

    • Gavin Wray says:

      Glad you like the post. Yep, I love that photo too! Just shows that you don’t need fancy IT suites, jargon or formality – the social media surgery model works with wifi, enthusiastic people and a place to congregate where people feel comfortable.

      Interesting to read your post on the NatCAN website; thanks for the mentions. I agree the surgery model – and its strengths – could definitely be used to offer face-to-face support in communities for uses wider than social media. Budgeting or debt advice, housing, legal help, for example.

  2. Dear Gavin, Thanks for this wonderful blog about social media surgery around the world. Also would like to thanks for featuring this photo of COCAP’s Media Surgery.

    4th from Left : Santosh Devkota (MySelf)
    2nd from Right: Binaya Parajuli

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