Birmingham Photospace – who's portrait would you like to see?

Birmingham Photospace
Birmingham Photospace

Jon Bounds (in his inimitable way) has spotted this post on the Birmingham Photospace blog.  It echoes something I’ve thought about doing with the Grassroots Channel Podcast, but have to act on.  This is what the snappers hope for:

Say Liz comes in to have her portrait taken.  Once she’s had her image taken, she’ll be invited to suggest how she may like Matt (who is next in line) to pose. (She may ask him to smile, to frown, to stand or slouch, to display the object he bought earlier from Artsfest. She’s limited only by her imagination (and the laws of decency!))  The photographer will take a few frames, and then Liz will get to choose which one she would like to exhibit.

Not quite as crowdsourced, but I’ve always fancied doing an interview with a Birmingham active citizen and at the end asking them who I should talk to next – then following their nose to the next wonderful person.  Perhaps a photographer would like to share the project with me?   I’ve done a few of my own.

Neville Davis of the Sparkbrook Neighbourhood Forum
Neville Davis of the Sparkbrook Neighbourhood Forum

Perhaps you can teach me to be better with the camera and I can help you schuusch up your audio stuff?  If you think it’s a good idea please nag me below .


Besides the comments below we also have this, from Matt Murtagh (who is very good at taking pictures):

I’d be interested in that, the artstfest thing is kinda my idea…

Thanks, Matt.


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