Seth Godin and Charlie Beckett get clever about journalism

Seth Godin reckons that

“Newspapers took two cents of journalism and wrapped in ninety-eight cents of overhead and distraction,” and that “if we really care about the investigation and the analysis, we’ll pay for it one way or another. Maybe it’s a public good, a non profit function. Maybe a philanthropist puts up money for prizes. Maybe the Woodward and Bernstein of 2017 make so much money from breaking a story that it leads to a whole new generation of journalists.”.

He is very, very right. (hat tip Ed Moore)

Interesting read from Charlie Beckett from a seminar at my old University, Sussex.

“Any media, be it small scale community projects or a more mass news media organisation, will always be more sustainable and relevant if public participation is built in to all aspects of production and consumption. This all feels part of my vision of future media as more Networked.”


  1. Hi Nick,
    So what did you learn at Sussex? The thing that struck me after today’s session, which I didn’t include in the blog posting, is that some media in developing countries is going to be MORE networked than in the West – in the sense that once they get the (mainly mobile) technology going, places like Kenya show a greater propensity than, say the UK, for public participation.

  2. Nick Booth says:

    Hello Charlie – studied International Relations – was taught to understand the global power structure – graduated, Soviet Bloc collapsed. So mainly I picked up some journalism skills at Radio Sussex!

    That is going to be very interesting. The information networks should also gain much more traction in countries where the population don\’t regard the media as playing an integral part in democratic health. In those places there will be relative vacum, one which can be more easily filled by alternatives.

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