Environmental News Online blog: The Musical.


A cracking video made to promote a Birmingham blogging venture – Environmental News Online. The site has been run by a group of journalism students working with Paul Bradshaw and the Online Journalism Blog at Birmingham City University. A month or so ago I helped in a session with the students to encourage them to think of ways of using the network effect to reach a wider audience with the blog. Nobody at the time thought of writing a song and putting it on youtube, but it’s a classic example of media as a social object. The video has given me the desire and the excuse to write about what they are doing – to join their conversation.

Nice one. Now would you like to mention this film Podnosh made about cutting co2 in Birmingham on ENO?


  1. Azeem Ahmad says:

    Fantastic video Nick! Credit to Tuuli for having the balls to do it. Your film will be mentioned on ENO very soon, expect an email!

    Azeem Ahmad

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