Host Written

Lloyd’s comment above is about Charles Leadbeater and whether the huge amount of tweeting which is happening here at the Nesta Innovation Edge Conference will provide enough material for Charle’s next book.

I’m think that a book which is mostly crown sourced would be ‘host written’?


  1. Nick Temple says:

    What I thought was interesting, as one of the twitterers in the audience, was that Leadbeater gave our various views such short shrift. For a pioneering thinker on interaction and participation (in We-Think etc), he ignored the questions being posed, the frustration with the discussion, and the thoughts of the ‘crowd’. Rather than it being interactive, it ended up being an us and them: “you twitterers all say that…”.

  2. Nick Booth says:

    I agree. There were two conversations happening, one on the stage and one in the hall. Only at somewher like SXSW would you get such an interesting opportunity to crowd source a conflab – missed this time.

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