And so the tail lengthens.

Dubber tweeting on synthesisers.

What we need now is a business which watches you repairing something live and then identifies and dispatches the parts you need as they diagnose the problem.  Free service – income from parts. That would allow amateurs to do the live watching and diagnosis and take an affiliates cut from the parts sales.  Trust would be established through rating the quality of  the diagnosis.
Eavesdropped from Andrew.


  1. dp says:

    Hmm. Do you think it would do for Parliament? And sausage-makers? That is, do you think someone could do a good job of repairing the former, and gracefully presenting the latter?

  2. Nick Booth says:

    Brilliant – so amateurs watch and get a cut from referring govt to paid professionals who might have a solution. Oh no – the paid professionals…

    Sound like a real reversal – the people looking down from the gods on the gods.

    As for the latter only a lunatic would make sausages live on the web. (Is that a challenge?)

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