Angry Journalist #1748

Digital hero:

Angry Journalist #1748:

Journalist 1573, you are never too old to get another job. I got hired on to my present newspaper last May at the age of 74. I’ve got a heart transplant, suffer from gout, and am losing my hearing. I never shot video in my life, but now shoot it on almost every assignment.

At the end of 2007 we got word down from the ivory tower: We were the second most improved non-daily newspaper (We publish Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) in their international organization. Yeah, we have a web site, too, and post to that every day.

I have health, vision, and dental insurance; get paid holidays and time and a half for overtime; get paid sick leave, and make more money in one week than I made in a month at my previous newspaper.

Can’t you feel how angry this old fart is?

From with thanks to Kiyoshi.  Can we have permalinking to each entry with comments please? Then we can console these miserable people.