Wanted: Social Reporters to cover the future of the Third Sector

Megan at the NCVO wants to recruit two people who:

Explore the trends shaping the future of civil society, managing projects which focus on a range of specific subsectors. You’ll communicate your findings through reports, short guides, events, and the Internet. You’ll also develop tools, including training sessions and capacity building workshops, to increase understanding of social change.

With superb research skills, and a keen interest in social change, you’re an excellent writer and communicator, and able to express complex information in an accessible way. You should also have excellent people skills, and have the confidence to manage others and speak in public.

I think it suggests how the basic skills required to do knowledge jobs may be merging, academic researchers and report writers who can also do pithy (presumably many media) stuff for the interweb. Better pay (starts at £32,000) than many journalism jobs.

For more information look here and also at David Wilcox’s evolving musing on social reporting.

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  1. Hi Nick
    Thanks for posting this. I really like how you’ve described the posts as social reporters – I think you’re spot on. We still need to get to grips with podcasts and video clips though, but I’d like to…

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