Funding for Social Entrepreneurs in Journalism

Teaming up with the Knight Foundation, Ashoka announced that they will award fellowships to 30 social entrepreneurs over the next three years aimed at changing the way journalism works throughout the world.

These Fellows will receive three-year stipends allowing them to focus full-time on their efforts to provide lasting, visible, systemic change in the way journalism works or the way society sees journalism. They will start new journalism organizations, create new kinds of news outlets, develop new models for investigative reporting, and campaign for public understanding of freedom of expression – launching projects designed to be expanded and copied. They also will become lifelong members of the Ashoka community, sharing and learning with more than 2,000 Ashoka Fellows working around the world in the fields of learning/youth development, the environment, health, human rights, economic development and civic engagement.

Ashoka wants to select at least 5 fellows by August 31st, 2008. They will expand to at least 10 fellows in 2009 and 15 in 2010. Go to their website (link here) to learn more.

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  1. shrinivasa M says:

    Hello Sir
    I would like to know more about
    Funding for Social Entrepreneurs in Journalism”

    shrinivasa M
    bulletin producer
    TV9 News channel Bangalore.

  2. Nick Booth says:

    Hi Shrinvasa. Thanks for the query. The link to Ashoka is in the text of the blog post. Please let me know if it doesn’t tell you what you need to know.

    So what do you have in mind?

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