Twitter and the Birmingham (ish) Earthquake.


I thought I was going mad – but only if Jon is too. We both know that twitter knows best and (thanks again jon) the Dutch are tracking the story for us.

Update 3 Jo Geary found this link – 4 earthquakes dotted arou nd the country – nearest is Nottingham. Beats phoning the police press line.

Update 4: Others experienced it in similar ways with confirmation coming through twitter of similar.

Should I laugh at “Well, either a fat bloke just fell out of bed or there has been a minor earth tremor in
“? In Leeds Ross at Democracypr tells us: “And the BBC web site? A note on the ticker – “Reports of tremor felt in West Midlands. More details soon.”
No need to bother, I’ve found out all I need use my own network of citizen journalists.

Update: 01.33 Lisa Dowd on Sky tells us that because she can’t get through to the police she can’t really tell what has happened and only new it was an earthquake because she felt it last time – the Dudley earthquake. Get social Lisa – we can tell you what’s going on.

Update: 01.35 Joanna has google map up with epicentre before sky know what’s what.


  1. Duncan says:

    Aye – felt it here just south of Derby, the neighbour rushed round thinking the chimney was collapsing…the site of him at my window in the dead of night almost gave me a second potential heart attack of the evening.

  2. L Owen says:

    I felt it too!
    I live in Norwich. There was a small build up, at which point my bed began to shake. I jumped up and my feet could feel the ground vibrating. I could hear my door and the other doors in my house vibrating too.
    I could definitely tell it was the ground shaking just by the sound of it all. I could hear a deep tremor deep under the ground.
    Spooky stuff!

  3. I must remember to switch my Twitter alerts off when I go to bed. I got about 8 messages all through last night; the earthquake never woke me, but Twitter did…several times!

  4. Nick Booth says:

    Sorry Mark  we\’ll whisper next time we t a quake.  It spooked me L. I spent about 4 minutes wandering around the house for no good reason other than I couldn\’t believe the way the floor rippled. Brilliant job Christopher – I also like the sun headline about how viagra turned me blue.

  5. The USGS had their automated systems online very quickly and since the quake over 10000 people have reported that they ‘felt it’
    you can even download a table of it – lots more here (and a much more lickely sounding 4.7 not 5.3) A marked difference to the British Geological Survey, their response, a PDF press release… (full disclosure, former volunteer with the USGS here, they know what they’re doing when it comes to earthquakes)

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