Bearded trim?

Gareth at Bearded wanted to join the Birmingham Bloggers meeting last night but couldn’t because of something to do with print, publishing, stress and hair loss. He’d love to know what we make of the Bearded blog – an honest critique is where he would like us to start.

My twopennorth is suggesting you link more to other blogs within posts. Get a touch more eclectic about sources of ideas and inspiration. Don’t think of it as another way of sharing content, but instead as a way of rooting Bearded into a wider local and global network of writers, thinkers and fine folk. One other thing, find a charity to support, connect into the social network that builds around a cause that really makes sense to you. The time you spend supporting that cause will have a happy by-product of creating support for your brand – but be sincere about the choice you make.

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  1. Antonio says:


    Since this is a Birmingham based magazine why not use the wealth of resources around you? Talk to/about local artists, musicians and performers as well as national ones.

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