Quinzone, Safe Haven and Community Policing – new podcast on the Grassroots Channel

PC Bernie Flynn has been working with young people in Quinton in Birmingham consistently since 2001, merging policing with youth work. For him finding the right people for the job and giving them time to show respect and earn respect is at the heart of good community policing. Anti social behaviour in and around his patch has fallen by 40% and in this podcast he explains how that has happened.

This is the most recent in a number of programmes on the channel about the link between policing, and community including the residents who run their own police station, patrol their own streets, those who had the courage to confront pimps and prostitution and how young people act as agents for safer streets.

Birmingham Community Empowerment Network

Quinzone and Safe Haven (dead link)

West Midlands Police

Briefing on Neighbourhood Policing as a pdf

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