Citizen Snitch? Nah

The headline isn’t mine (thanks Jon Bounds) and neither is the story (thanks for the pointer from Pete Ashton again), but photographer Pete Marshall (troutmask on flickr) captured this pretty image of the Lord Mayor making fulsome use of the double yellows outside the side entrance to the Mailbox in Birmingham.

Citizen Snitch was the title of the e-mail alerting me to this. I think not, after all snitching is a core part of journalism – so Citizen Journalist it is. In true journalistic tradition Paul’s blog entry has even managed to tie editorial and advertising together, if you look at his site google ads is offering all sorts of options to help the Lord Mayor avoid driving fines.

Of course we are only talking about the evidence of one passing citizen.

Now where’s that parking ticket I need to pay (convicted on the evidence of one pair of eyes) and the speeding fine I need to settle (convicted on the evidence of one camera lense).

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  1. troutmask says:

    Photo is copyright Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 (blogging by individuals is OK)
    Labeled as such on Flickr and built in to meta data. Anybody using it outside of the copyright will be hearing from me (and my Union as I am a NUJ member!):smile:

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