Birmingham Drama – this time the grown ups.

Last year I had a great time working with Kate Chapman and others in Frankley – helping children at Reaside School use podcasting to develop some varied radio dramas. Kate’s grown up job is as a radio drama producer for the BBC here in brum. She’s just been in touch to tell us there’s a whole slew of new stuff coming out of the Mailbox over the next few week’s. This is what you should listen out for:

White Open Spaces by Ian Marchant, Richard Rai O’Neill, Sonali Bhattacharyya, Rommi Smith and Kara Miller. Produced by Kate Chapman and Peter Leslie Wild. 19 – 23 February BBC Radio 4 10.45 am and 7.45 pm A series of short plays written in response to the question of whether a “passive apartheid” exists in the English countryside. Produced in partnership with Pentabus Theatre Company.

Dr Pfeffer’s Lonely Hearts Club by Craig Stephens, Jake Oldershaw and Derek Nisbet. Produced by Kate Chapman. 21/28 February 7/14 March BBC Radio 4 at 11pm A series of late night musical encounters. Consider the mysteries of romantic love and have your heart soothed by the inimitable Dr Pfeffer.

Tiaan by Rupi Dhami and Annalisa Hounsome. Produced by Kate Chapman. 20 February BBC Radio 4 at 2.15pm. Two sisters travel across the globe to visit their mother in India for the festival of Tiaan celebrating the bond between mothers and daughters.

First Bite of Air by Stephanie Dale. Produced by Peter Leslie Wild and Sara Conkey. 26 February BBC Radio 4 2.15pm. A drama documentary focusing on the community of Keresley, once a mining village near Coventry.

What is Missing from your Life? The Men by Stephanie Dale. Produced by Peter Leslie Wild. 5 March BBC Radio 4 2.15pm. A drama doc follow up to What is Missing from Your Life. The Women.

Zubeda by Naylah Ahmed. Produced by Kate Chapman. 10 March BBC Radio 4 2.30pm. An epic tale of an ageing henna artist who has spent her life attending brides but never married herself.

In Form by Louise Ramsden and Tim Jackson. Produced by Peter Leslie Wild and Rosie Boulton. 12 and 19 March BBC Radio 4 at 2.15. Two drama documentaries looking at musical form, focusing on pieces by Saint Saens and Beethoven.

And just to make it a touch digital you can always catch up (for a week through the BBC’s listen again service).

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