Beth Kanter on online fundraising plus widgets and a simple pdf guide – a new podcast on the Grassroots Channel


Beth Kanter of the Sharing Foundation explains how they used the internet to raise $100,000 for children in Cambodia. I’ve known Beth through blogging for a few months now, but finally met her in Birmingham earlier this month.

She is an expert on the internet and non-profit organisations and in this podcast she talks about how you combine online tools such as widgets with the power of your networks, whether real or virtual, to encourage people to give money to support to your cause. She also writes about how they raised the money here on her blog and an earlier experiment with ChipIn here.

This also represents a bit of a first for the Grassroots Channel because we have figured out how to add documents to our podcast feed – pdfcasting? (ouch ouch). So with this comes a

bcenpdf070124onlinefundraisingguide (pdf, 365kb) written as one of a series of briefings we have done for the Birmingham Community Empowerment Network. It is aimed at groups who are not charities and offers basic tips on how to raise funds using the internet through donate buttons, selling and buying online. If you’ve never used the net in this way before this is the guide for you!

In the podcast Beth talks about widgets, so I thought I would show you what she means. This one is for Kate Chapman, a friend of mine who will soon be running to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Anyone can add these widgets to their blog or website and they update as the fundraising progresses. It is the same technology we use to allow you to put the Grassroots Channel Podcast on your own website. (Be carefully not to overload your website with widgets or it will slow down the time pages take to load).

Kings Norton Farmers Market awards from FARMA are mentioned on their site. You can listen to their story here.


  1. Nick – great podcast (content, editing, length, sound, etc.).

    Love the interview. I’m more in awe of Beth’s achievement each time I hear about it.

    I’ll blog this on Monday when I (hopefully) will publish an interview with the CEO of ChipIn, the widget people Beth used 🙂


  2. Beth says:


    You did a great job! You made sound articulate!! I’m blogging it now along with the unveiling of the case study! I’m in the process of editing that video from the pub about shooting techniques and hopefully will get that up tommorrow! Thanks again.

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