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Old Media style meets Stoke On Trent Social media surgery

I really enjoyed this report from Chris Heath for Staffslive about the first social media surgery in Stoke on Trent.   Chris, a journalism student at Staffs Uni, includes some cracking formal and traditional media techniques  – like the walking piece to camera plus suit and tie – to explain a remorsely informal newish media process.   His report though does show just the sort of people who benefit from the surgeries and why they find them valuable.

It includes contributions from surgeons Carl Plant and the great Mike Rawlins.

Stoke on Trent have also begun using www.socialmediasurgery.com our beta site for organising surgeries – which made me smile a great deal. The site is designed to make it very easy to organise surgeries – including automatically generate flyers, record outcome, keep track of who came and what they did.

Meanwhile Luke Beamont made this wonderful audio slideshow of what one person got out of attending the social media surgery in Leeds.

Given the choice I think I prefer the second treatment – although I’m also a big fan of using an audio interview with a simple still photo to cover events.

Luke is also a student – find all his stuff here:  www.lukebeaumont.co.uk.

Stuff I've seen September 20th through to October 6th

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  • Free music, courtesy of your library « Mabblog – "If (like me in Birmingham), you have an enlightened library service, they will have paid for a subscription to Naxos Music, so, by entering your library card number (you do have a library card, don’t you?) you can listen on-line, for free, to a “CD quality” stream of their recordings of Gilson’s music (or anything else in their vast and ludicrously high-quality catalogue). From home (or anywhere else, for that matter)."
  • Kirklees Community Technology Project « Yorkshire and Humber ICT Champion – ‘Local 2.0’ will work with community organisations, individuals, service providers, ward councillors and others within one neighbourhood and will look at how new web technologies can help people share information more effectively and bring more opportunities to neighbourhoods.
  • Feeding back citizen experience – Digigov – "We not only hinder the citizen in their ease of reporting (thereby potentially adding to their distress or preventing them from complimenting the service), we also lose something much more valuable – the ability to analyse where small changes across public services could result in maximum effect."
  • Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media: A Methodology for Learning from Social Media Pilots: Reflection – Questions to Help Deep Reflection Occur

    1.What worked really well in this project?
    2.Did it accomplish goals or outcomes? In what ways?
    3.Did it fall short? Why?
    4.What would you do differently?
    5.What surprises came up during the project? What unexpected happened? What could you learn or capture from that?
    6.What insights did you get during the project?
    7.What processes did you use that worked well? Which didn’t work so well? Why do you think that was?