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Sherez Sarwar – Street Champion for Lozells – Grassroots Channel latest

Sherez Sarwar. Now 18, he’s been involved in improving his community since he was 13. His efforts have helped revive George’s park in Handsworth and he’s become a street champion for his road in Lozells. Sounds like a goody-two-shoes? Well he isn’t and if you listen to this week’s Grassroots Channel podcast you’ll find out why.

Programme links:

Birmingham Community Empowerment Network (dead link)

The BURA Awards for Community Inspired Regeneration (dead link)

Birmingham Street Champions (dead link)

The BURA Awards for Community Inspired Regeneration – enter now!

If you think you’ve been involved in a great regeneration project which has been driven and inspired from the grassroots here is a chance for you to get national recognition – but you’ll have to act quickly.
The British Urban Renewal Association is working with the Department for Communities and Local Government to recognise “outstanding grassroots regeneration projects; the schemes that address local issues and as a result are raising community spirit and improving quality of life.”
The site for entries is here and the entry pack here. You might think we’re bonkers telling you on the day entries close to get your form in. It’s not that bad. I’ve just spoken to Rob Brady at BURA who tells me their real concern is to get people involved. If you’re interested then give Rob a call (number on the Bura website) to let him know that a late entry is coming I’m certain he’ll be delighted to hear from you.

If you go for it please let us know – and good luck.

Residents University – Birmingham September 2006

Our latest programme for the Grassroots Channel hears about a huge event in September (13th to 16th) which will bring hundreds of residents from different European Cities to Birmingham. The Residents University is organised by R4R Europe (a development from the orginal Birmingham based R4R). If you’re involved in regenerating your neighbourhood the chances are very high that you’ll find this event inspiring and educational.

I experienced a smaller R4R event in Dortmund earlier this year and came away exhausted but hugely encouraged by the range of practical work being done in many neighbourhoods (and also how good we are in Birmingham!).

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We don’t like to go in the parks – Grassroots Channel Podcast 13

Programme 13 from the Grassroots Channel comes not from Birmingham but from Dortmund in Germany. We’ve been demonstrating podcasting to a group of young people from cities across Europe.

Listen to Simone and Ethel as they try podcasting for the first time and talk to other young people about homelessness, junkies and fear in the streets. This programme is produced with the support of the Birmingham Community Empowerment Network and Residents 4 Regeneration in Europe. Thanks too to Chris and Nathan, both boys from the Four Dwellings High School in Birmingham.

Residents 4 Regeneration in Europe (dead link)
Dortmund Nordstadt Festival – German site (Google Translation) (dead link)
Photo’s of Dortmund Nordstadt (dead link)
Dortmund in Wikipedia