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JSNA and the West Midlands – notes from a RAWM event on the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

This is an event run by RAWM to explain how the NHS is commissioning in the west Midlands and what the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.  I’ll just make key points – partly showing what is new:

This is a long post with lots of quite useful information on the structure of the NHS in the West midlands in April 2013

Lorna Shaw kicks off..

Lorna worked for the Local Government Association to lead on developing Health and Wellbeing Bards (the new board being established by local authorities).  Her points from the Health and Social Care Act

  • Government is trying to promote the idea that health is “everyone’s business”.  Change driven by money (getting tighter) plus ageing population and more intensive use of tech in health.
  • £20 billion savings to be made by 2015 – equivalent to a 5% imporovment in productivity.  £30 billion a year goes on treting alcohol related illness
  • In terms of reforms constant support for health and Wellbeing boards and transferring public health to local authorities.

Key principles include:

  • measure outcome not processes
  • empower clinicians and professionals
  • commission wellbeing and improving lives locally Read more