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Spotlight on international social media surgeries

Social media surgery at COCAP Nepal

Photo by Mero Report: Social Media Surgery at COCAP, Nepal

Social media surgeries in the UK received lots of attention last Thursday when the Prime Minister recognised the social media surgery movement with a Big Society Award for 2012.

Nick posted about the award and mentioned the wonderful people who have organised surgeries over the last three years in the UK. They’re enthusiastic, generous people who make stuff happen.

While the Big Society Awards acknowledge individuals and organisations across the UK that demonstrate the Big Society in their work or activities, I thought I should mention the surgeries outside the UK. It’s great to see an idea that originated in Birmingham spread to other shores – and I’m keen to hear how the surgeries are working in other countries.

Here are the wonderful people who have taken the social media surgery model abroad and run their own events:

Carolyn Deuchar, a Senior Research Officer at New Zealand Tourism and Research Institute, also likes the idea:

"Am loving this: Social media surgeries to support local community & voluntary organisations"

Do you know other surgeries I haven’t mentioned here?

Updated 12th March 2012: Kultwerk West are holding a social media surgery in Hamburg on 14th May 2012, the first to take place in Germany.

Stuff I've seen September 13th through to September 14th

These are my links for September 13th through September 14th:

  • Free Wireless Broadband – Community – Our offer to communities throughout the UK is simple…… let us know why your community needs WiFi and we will come and install a totally free service in a public place, for 3 years (or longer if we find sponsors to pay for it). We currently have enough in the fund to pay for 50 communities in the UK.

    Freerunner have also partnered with JustGiving.com to put free WiFi Internet access where its really needed – charities. If you charity has a broadband connection we will come and install the Freerunner service for free in your location. Its perfect for charity shops as it gives people another reason to visit. It also gives you the chance to help bridge the digital divide. JustGiving.com and Freerunner have committed to provide this service to 500 charities, totally free of charge, forever.

  • Patry’s MORAL PANICS AND THE COPYRIGHT WARS: elegant, calm, reasonable history of the copyfight – Boing Boing – Cory Doctorow reviewing: "Patry's Moral Panics stands out for the sheer, unadorned calm of his approach. Patry doesn't have a lot of rhetorical flourish or prose fireworks. Instead, he tells the story of copyright in plain, thoughtful words, with much rigor and grace. Reading Moral Panics is like watching a master brick layer gracefully and effortlessly build a solid wall: no wasted motion, no sweat, no missteps. Patry knows this subject better than anyone and can really explain it."
  • The Barcelona Update Blog » Free Wifi in Barcelona – a new council sponsored scheme – This Barcelona blogger says: "All in all, we applaud the Council for their forward looking attitude – particularly as they are restricted by law in what they can do. However, it’s not quite the free for all it seems and a bit more clarity on the access at each point would make it a whole lot easier."
  • Should the Public Decide What the House of Commons Debates? – Birmingham Post – News Blog – A Commons committee chaired by Staffordshire MP Tony Wright (Lab Cannock) is to consider whether the public should be able to initiate a debate in the House of Commons.
  • 10 People You Won’t See on Twitter Anymore [Make it personal stoopid] – This new rules may cause problems for some local authorities and even newspapers: "Robotic Twitter accounts should live in fear of death by the powers that be at Twitter. If you’re not human and you’re configured to automatically tweet, reply, and retweet based on Twitter content or RSS feeds then you could be in danger. The rules express a clear preference for the human touch when it comes to Twitter updates, stating that you could be in violation of the TOS and subject to termination, “if your updates consist mainly of links, and not personal updates.”

Winning the Shanty Town Shuffle in Barcelona – a new podcast from the Grassroots Channel


This is a picture of Chris Bongard who talks to the Grassroots Channel about his neighbours’ campaign to convert their wooden shacks in one of Barcelona’s old shanty towns into purpose built apartment blocks. You can see the homes they campaigned for on the right of the picture, just over Chris’s shoulder. He is standing in Parc Guell with the Carmelo neighbourhood behind him.

Chris tells a story that dates back to the 1970s as fledgling street level democracy was emerging in Spain from under the shadow of Franco’s fascist dictatorship.

Closer to home we also have residents of Kings Heath and Edgbaston in Birmingham tell us why they love their neighbourhoods.