“Charities should be the gold standard for open data” – and so should local gov.

Karl Wilding and I have worked together on social media and the implications of the web for civic activity since 2007.  He’s head of Policy and Research and NCVO (I’m on the advisory board of NCVO) and a very clever/prescient man.

Here he talks for Guardian Voluntary Sector Network about what open data means for charities – much of it is also useful/true for local government.


  1. Open data is a great idea but for smaller organisations with no budget for constant updating, it can be too big a task. There is a substantial work implication. I am not saying it shouldn’t be done but in these challenging times, charitable work for charities, for example, will rightly always get the immediate attention the charity was set up for? How can we square the virtuous circle?

    • Nick Booth says:

      Thanks for the comment Alan…It may not need extra work – if data needs to be upadted for internal use that can equally easily shared. However data has business value to charities too – we still need to establish that sharing it creates more value than it destroys – and ideally at least the same amount of cash – Karl covers this a little in his presentation.

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