#Opendata @72prufrocks radishes and neighbourhoods – an unashamed lift.

There’s this really thoughtful post on where we live and opendata from Diane @72prufrocks – here’s a bit I’ve lifted to encourage you ro read the whole:

Knowledge and experience dwells in neighbourhoods, because we do. On recent visit to Knowle West Media Centre in Bristol, I was struck by how firmly the centre is rooted in the local community. Andrew remarked that projects like their University of Local Knowledge value and celebrate local experiences, and also treat the neighbourhood as a kind of pool of local data and local stories. The challenge for local authorities is how to mix our data into that same pool – how to put the data that communities can make use of into the places where they can really use it – their own places.

If you know where the radishes are, you know whether it’s feasible to get a supply of radishes – and if you know where the shops are, or what people buy, or what people’s attitude to local food is, then you also know where you might be able to sell those radishes. If you know who is growing the radishes, you can start a conversation with that person, and who knows where it might lead.

I know a few people who are partial to a good radish. There’s a story in that somewhere.



  1. Lorna Prescott says:

    Thanks Nick. Diane’s blog is great, and I like what she says about stories in the post you quoted from. Open data stuff is still beyond my comprehension, but I feel I have a sense of what people are doing with it.

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