Stuff I've seen August 4th through to August 19th

These are my links for August 4th through August 19th:

  • Read+Comment | Hassle-free publishing and commenting on your documents – Good for consultation…. ‘Commentable’ online documents are a great way to establish two-way dialogue with the people who care about your organisation. But until now, you’ve had to build them yourself, often from scratch, either hosting your own or working around the limitations of your content management system or free tools.Read+Comment is purpose-built on modern, open source WordPress technology with all the configuration and plugins set up for you. Sign up, put your content in, and make the site your own.
  • Brave New World | John Popham’s Random Musings – A very fine man is now freelance: “There is a big difference between the last time I was a freelance and now, That is the rise of Social Media.”
  • Can hyperlinks be libellous, or are they just mere footnotes? | Law | – Interesting…. “The case of Hird v Wood, decided more than a century ago, is often cited by legal commentators as applicable by analogy – it featured a man who sat by the side of a road all day smoking a pipe and pointing to a placard on which a defamatory statement was written by an unknown author. The court of appeal decided that this conduct was tantamount to publishing the libel.”
  • Social Media Surgeries – A Mutual Learning Experience | John Popham’s Random Musings – “It was a genuine mutual learning process. I learned a lot out of it, the tutors involved all agreed they had found the process both informative and enjoyable, they took copious notes so they could pick up from where we left off when they got back to their own computers.So, I now have very direct and personal experience of what I have been telling people who are nervous of becoming a “Social Media Surgeon”. I very much enjoyed it, we are all learning all the time, and I, for one, never want to fall into the trap of thinking I am “expert” at anything.”
  • Big Society: foretelling the end of confrontational governing? – Neighbourhoods – “…what happened when the Big Society idea was concocted was that Conservative thinkers realised that overt ‘I/You’ thinking is running out of steam, historically. Something called the network society is coming over the hill which is gradually bringing an end to hierarchical systems. The emphasis is going to be on governance not government; on co-operation and openness not command and control. What should we do? Let’s occupy some ‘We’ thinkers’ terrain, and control that. Just bring some of this collective mentality into the foreground a little, not too much.”
  • Councils spending millions on website redesigns as job cuts loom – Telegraph – One council refreshed the look of its website eight times in a decade, another paid more than a thousand pounds for a spellchecker that comes free with word processing software.
  • The New Optimists – what she’s working on is trying to make old age a less unhealthy, uncomfortable place to be