Just showing someone how to write a quick blog post.

Titus Dawo

I’m with Titus Dawo at the Balsall heath Social Media Surgery.  All I’m doing here is giving him and idea of how simple it can be to publish to the web.


  1. Chris says:

    Hey Titus. It’s pretty easy this web publishing lark, isn’t it? Give it a go yourself and, maybe after a little while of getting a feel for it, work out what you might use it for.

    All the best with it.

  2. Jaki says:

    A great blogpost Nick – informative and interesting, with a lovely pic – overall one of your better attempts! 😉

    Hi Titus, don’t worry, I’m only being cheeky, you’re in very safe hands there.

  3. cyberdoyle says:

    Hi Titus, now you have made a start the blogsphere is an open door to whatever you want to publish on it, keep it up, good luck.
    Well done podnosh
    Power to the People

  4. Julia Larden says:

    Hi Titus

    This is from another local social media blog. You will find that blogging is a fantastic tool – it has to be used carefully because if your blog is public you are broadcasting to the world, but it gives you great mouthpiece, and checking your stats to see how many have ‘tuned in’ and where they came from can become addictive. It can also be fun – you can get creative with the pics and the visuals. Good luck – will watch out for you.


  5. Steve Nicholls says:

    Hi Titus

    Good luck with the web venture.

    Looking forward to reading about B12 stuff!


  6. Titus says:


    Thanks for your comments and encouraging remarks. Looking forward to getting on-board the blogging train, watch this space.

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