Stuff I've seen November 24th through to November 28th

These are my links for November 24th through November 28th:

  • Open Sourcing Google Project 10^100? – Social by Social – 170,000 ideas have simply disappeared. Only Google knows what they are.
  • Sarah Lay » Blog Archive » Social networking for councils – "Carl Haggerty of Devon County Council had re-branded social networking as business networking in order to get chief officers to look past what they thought they knew toward the potential of such a system."
  • NN News & Blogs | Networked Neighbourhoods : passionate about local digital – The key differences between the different types of local citizen sites were brought sharply into focus by a simple four-box model. Hugh also offered some insight into how different types of sites may be best used:
  • Changing the acoustics for citizens’ voices – Neighbourhoods – initiatives imply significant changes to the acoustics for citizens' voices. Organised community action – in meetings around the town as in Castleford or (especially) online as in some of William's examples – is starting to bring about a far more audible articulation of local people's views and experience than we have had before. And don't be fooled by the rhetoric from above, which to use Alison's phrase tends to mean 'big people not listening': much of it is in spite of, not because of, official action.
  • A Manifesto for the Social Organization | The Idea Hive – "We are entering the era of the social organization, because, like a school of fish, or a swarm of bees, a social organization fluidly dances with the ever changing music that engulfs it, rather than trying to control it. For, as shown by the story of King Canute trying to hold back the tide, attempted control over elemental forces is ultimately futile. Change is on the way."


  1. Glad you enjoyed the blog post funnily enough I grew up over in Wolverhampton. Looks like you are doing good work. Do you know Sofia Bustamente down at London Creative Labs by any chance … I think your two organizations would be aligned 🙂

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