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Pype Hayes Community Focus
Joshua Barwell and Carl Sheward

Carl Sheward and Joshua Barwell are two Junior Volunteer playworkers at Pype Hayes Community Focus. Both 16-years-old, when they are not studying for AS-levels they are spending their free time getting those younger than them involved, doing fun days and activities.

For their effort and heart for the community at such a young age, the Junior Playworker Co-ordinator has nominated them both for the Young Persons Birmingham Local Hearts award. They both agree the work is rewarding, and possibly see themselves forging a career in community work.  Here’s their story.


  1. Sanna Ali says:

    Oh bless. Good jobs guys!:)

    You’re right there this kind of ‘work is rewarding.’

    Good luck! I have faith in you now “LOL” and I admire what you are are doing?:)

    Best wishes for the future. X

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