Kirklees Council allows the public to comment on their press releases.

Steven Tuck drew my attention to this remarkable piece of openness on the part of Kirklees Council. Like other local authorities they pop their press releases online, but unlike other local authorities they give the public space to say what they think.  Have a look at this example here, it is so simple it is powerful.

I’m not alone in thinking this.  When I mentioned this on twitter this morning I got these responses:

abeeken @podnosh Brave and bold – excellent engagement! I like it; shows Kirklees has balls.

supercoolkp @podnosh Well I never. So open – and it must make folk in Kirklees really feel listened to. I wish BCC would do it – what are the chances?!

getgood @podnosh Wow, that’s something.


  1. Not that new, Wandsworth have been doing it for some time – so long, in fact, I didn’t even think of it when I was trying to think of example of us using the website to interact!

    I have to say, however, that it doesn’t generate many comments.

  2. James Cousins says:

    My first comment probaby comes across as a bit snotty, for which I apologize. Looking around the Kirklees site it does seem that not every press release generates as much comment. What is fascinating is that is seems they don’t moderate out negative comments, which shows some courage for a political organisation.

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