Poachers in the Masai Mara and the social web. A great case study.

Update on ranger Leyian who was shot: In total they gave him 6 pints of blood, and are keeping him under observation in case of infections.

That’s the latest tweet from the Mara Triangle on twitter and it illustrates some simple principles of good use of social media for charities and non for profit organisations.

The twitter account is linked to this blog written by the rangers in the Mara Triangle. It’s hosted by wildlife direct, an American charity who seem to be using a wordpressmu (multi-user) installation to offer blogs to a range of animal protection groups. The blog is also supported by image accounts on flickr and video on youtube. Integrating these tools is a key element of using the social web well.

The final element in this jigsaw though is the story. You have to have a story to tell and that means that what you write should be personal.

I hope ranger Leyian recovers quickly.

Hat tip to Robin Hamman.


  1. Paul Caplan says:

    … and in terms of stories, they don;t have to be long (140 characters is plenty) and they never finish. Any story you tell is a starting point for others to add to, develop, spin off from or just ‘read’ in their own ways.

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