Podcast: Solving a Stinking Mess in Bordesley Green

Margaret Bannon on the Grassroots Channel Podcast
If you have a stinking brook in your front yard what do you do? Margaret Bannon of the Bordesley Green North Neighbourhood Forum took advantage of the Neighbourhood Performance Reward Grant (NPRG) – a £10,000 pilot programme – to allow residents groups more control over money. This youtube video shows you briefly what happened in Margaret’s neighbourhood and the audio podcast expands on what was done and what was learnt.

The NPRG was created by the Birmingham Community Safety Partnership and is currently being evaluated by the Digbeth Trust.


  1. Mark Vandercook says:


    I live in the U.S. in the state of Michigan. I think you have done a very good job of walking us (the viewers) through the improvements you have accomplished. Your choice of using video over the internet as the medium in which to convey your message, is a good choice-what a quick and absolutely wonderful way to get your message out quick, and take us right to the source of the problems, and their solutions. I expect to see more of these kinds of videoes streaming over the net, in the areas of how grants are being spent, goverment issues, public awareness, and private sector issues, and education.

    Good job,

    M. Vandercook

  2. Nick Booth says:

    Thank you Mark for those kind words. These are not my achievements, it’s Margaret and her neighbours who’ve done the work! All we do is tell the story. This is part of a series of audio and now video pieces/podcasts we benn making since 2005 about active citizens in Birmingham. The Grassroots Channel now has more than 50 stories like this.

    You can find more at this link


    you can subscribe to the audio podcast and pdfs (i’ll sort out video soon) in iTunes through this link:


    Or through any other rss feedreader with this link:


    Am I trying hard enough to keep you listening?

    Thanks again.

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