The front page of this site tells us

Because of high volume, comments will be moderated once daily.

I am one, but I can also understand why things are getting more frustrating than normal.

via and also.


  1. bronxelf says:

    I can’t stop reading that site now. 😯

    And I have no idea who AJ #1023 is, but I will gladly buy them a drink. They’re my hero for today.

  2. bronxelf says:

    Oh it’s okay. I should be making my eyeballs bleed in AutoCAD working on a house in Miami right now (even though it’s only 7:30am here) but at the moment I’m finishing up knitting a little cap for a little kid with cancer*. But i get to read AJ while I knit, which is a bonus.

    *Which makes me sound much nicer than I am, really.

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