Birmingham Wifi Names from Jon Bounds

Birmingham WiFi Jon Bounds

Jon Bounds has a curious and creative mind. He’s made this for these reasons.

Since I’ve had my iPhone I’ve become interested in the names people give their wifi networks, the way that the phone brings them up for you as you walk around made that inevitable. So I took to writing them down – I found that I was interested in what it said about the thoughts of who set them up. ‘Secure’, ‘Home’, or peoples names – or those who cared so little they left the default on. I collected these ones here on my normal travels around Birmingham (UK) in January and February of 2008 – the larger ones in the ‘cloud’ do represent multiple networks with the same name, but I haven’t done that scientifically.

I think it works quite well as a poster – I uploaded the graphic to a cafepress store so I can buy one when I get some royalities of some of my other shops.

Jon has also just begun writing for the Birmingham Post’s new blogs in the Lifestyle section.  I reckon the poster above is a perfect form of lifestyle journalism. So who is shakespeareshirley?

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