Shop for the NSPCC – campaign on Amazon and Facebook

Congrats to the NSPCC and Amazon for partnering up to shift a slice of our Christmas shopping activity into the charities coffers. This is a simple idea which must have involved solid cooperation from both parties. Set up your Amazon wishlist through this site and the affiliate share (no clear percentage) of the stuff your friends/family buy will go to this children charity.

I spotted it because of an advert (above) on Facebook which I presumed was targeted?

We use something similar but no where near as direct for the Birmingham Conservation Trust and recommend (see also here, and here) some sort of affiliate arrangement as a largely painless and sensible idea for any charity which can get support form a network of people who shop online – whether for Christmas or their summer holiday.  It can be very lucrative.  At the moment if you sign up for Sky TV through our affiliate the charity gets up to £120.

Of course the best way to deal with Christmas waste is to donate directly to charity and make something instead – but I’m not like that. Few of us currently are.

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