Podcamp comes to Birmingham

Laura Whitehead and John Buckley first alerted me to this free, international, podcasting, “unconference” being held in Birmingham at the beginning of September.  Here’s the blurb – and please let me know if you’re coming:

In case you haven’t yet heard PodCamp UK is a FREE two-day event bringing all the excitement and ideas and energy of a PodCamp to the UK for the first time. This unique FREE event promises to be a brilliant mix of ideas, LIVE music, FREE food, great people and much more…

It’s being held at the New Technology Institute (NTI) on September 1/2 2007, in Birmingham – It’s only six weeks away!

PodCamps are meetups for anyone interested in New Media. The first PodCamp was held in Boston, Massachusetts, in 2006, and they are now spreading across the globe, enabling culture, commerce and connections.

The “Pod” in PodCamp comes from podcasting; but you can expect to find anyone at PodCamp, podcasters, video makers, software developers, entrepreneurs, journalists, musicians, social networkers, marketers, producers, publishers, PR firms, educators, actors, writers, boys, broadcasters, girls and Web 2.0 gurus, all using the internet to communicate with shared media.

Some are beginners, some are experts, but all are enthused by what they are doing, redefining the old media landscape and defining a brand new culture.

PodCamp UK is a free event, an open door on new media, organised by volunteers who have all experienced PodCamps elsewhere in the world. To pay for the venue for two days with food for all attendees, we now have sponsorship from UK businesses Cheeze, Podcast Nation, and Digital Central. Nick Saalfeld from Wells Park has very kindly offered to pick up the refreshments & Jeff Pulver has put a tab behind the bar for the Saturday night social.

Laura Whitehead,  neil Emery and John Buckley first alerted me to this free, international, podcasting, unconference being hosted in Birmingham.  Here’s the blurb:

This is a FIRST – media coverage is bound to increase as we draw nearer to the first weekend in September. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our sponsors, and helping to make PodCamp UK a truly special event.

Sign-up to attend : http://podcamp.pbwiki.com/PodCampUK
Visit the blog : http://podcamp.com



  1. I discovered about Podcamps last year after reading about how successful they were in the US. I’d really like to see an increase of events like these here in the UK, getting people together, communicating and sharing!
    Sadly I’ll be on a train back from France, so hope all who go have a great time!

  2. Hi Nick – tagwise – not that I know of!
    I’d be up for helping to organise some future (maybe not on this scale!) events for communities and communications and nptech with the web if you were ever interested. I think there would be others interested in getting some events and conferences (or unconferences!) going here in the UK. I’m sure we could pull in some good funding for it.
    Keep in touch. Laura

  3. Ally Sultana says:

    Hi All

    Im quite new to podcasting and all, just come across info about this event in september?
    Has this been finalised? or have i missed abit and got this all wrong!:oops:
    Im hoping to get to know more about podcast and how best to use them in community projects……


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